Recycle with a difference

Get on a path to a cleaner and greater place.

Each year in Oklahoma, hundreds of thousands of computers, monitors, copiers, fax machines, printers, televisions, and other electronic items become “obsolete” in the eyes of consumers. Rapid advances in technology and an expanding demand for new features accelerate the aging process of electronic equipment (e-waste). That’s why Upcycle Technology Foundation is here to help.

Upcycle is a licensed participant in the Covered Electronic Waste Recovery and Recycling Program which means that all electronics brought to us for recycling will never be sent to a landfill, nor sent overseas to become a burden on a third-world country. Materials received by Upcycle are properly recycled in accordance with all federal and state regulations of Universal eWaste, thus contributing to greater resource conservation and a cleaner environment.

Another part of our specialized electronics recycling program includes refurbishing electronics and bringing them back to life. Some materials are being donated to non-profits and local schools; others are being sold to bring back a healthy portion of the returns to Oklahoma’s everyday individual.

Visit our Services page to learn more about our tailored e-waste programs, If you are ready to get started with your electronics recycling project then give us a call or fill out the schedule a pickup form. An Upcycle Tech Business Consultant will reach out to communicate further details and schedule your e-waste pickup. We appreciate reducing your carbon-footprint and applaud your reinforced commitment to keep Green-Country….”Green”!