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Upcycle Tech A Non-Profit Electronic Recycling Company.

Recycling Ewaste - Responsibly with Purpose

Choosing a proper facility for end-of life IT disposal is imperative. Upcycle Tech is here to serve your business and personal recycling needs as our missions align.


Consider donating obsolete, unused, or unneeded electronics that serve purpose in the recycling eco-pyramid

We believe in charitable reuse to help support our mission. Empowering people to stay connected, and improving lives via economic development of work, vocational training and schoolings, Upcycle does this awhile eliminating landfill waste, Do your part and give today!

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Peace of mind is a guarantee with Upcycles Responsible Recycling Plan. Serving the general public, small/medium enterprises, fortune 500’s and non-profit organizations across various sectors of industry.

Our donations are processed and items deemed “recyclable” are firstly destroyed and your sensitive data is no-more (In compliance with NIST-800-88 Standards), once this is completed, we then upstream with a certified R2 recycling facility that will handle the proper extraction of Repurposable raw materials within these precious commodities.

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Our mission to empower people starts with refurbishing “Repurposable” tech such as desktops, laptops, monitors and more. We can then reintroduce them back into various communities affordably and across multiple sales-channels.

This revenue helps supports our foundations operating cost, and allows us to bring life back into reusable devices that may still have many years of use left for a new owner, thus eliminating more waste and upcycling as a community together.


Proudly Serving Northeastern Oklahoma

Upcycle Technology Foundation has been serving businesses and the community alike for over 2-years. We are proud to be one of the only non-profit electronic recyclers in the state. Our services bring value and protect consumers sensitive information, alongside this we are proud of the impact we have on our environment by allowing us to be your facility of choice for recycling. 

The mission of Upcycle Technology Foundation is imperative to our long-term success. We are an organization focused on helping the communities we serve. When you Give to Upcycle Tech, know your donation goes through a process of Repurpose or Recycle, in either step we safely handle your data-destruction either by a DBAN-3 Strike Process, Physical Data Destruction or a combination of both. Non-usable components are then collected and processed through to our certified R2 recycling partners for extraction of further useable raw-materials.

Furthermore, if deemed Repurposable these items go through a rigorous process of testing, replacing, reformatting, and cosmetic improvements to then deem the item “refurbished” and place for resale to the general public. Reusing/Repurposing is at the core of our foundations mission and thus allowing us to further advance this important initiative allows us the ability to continue growing our footprint across Green Country.

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Our Customer Reviews

Eric TurleyEric Turley
23:12 23 Feb 23
They were able to increase the RAM on my computer to 16GB and did so same day for a very reasonable price. Dan was very friendly and helpful.
Jacob StoneJacob Stone
18:10 11 Feb 23
This is a great place to shop for a nice little computer for your home or workplace. The people are very knowledgeable and kind. They will help you as much as they can. They get a wide range of equipment so you never know what's going to show up and they also do repairs. Definitely recommend.
Beth MBeth M
19:55 04 Feb 23
So grateful for this place!We had old TV screens, monitors and Christmas lights, electronics that weren't in working order but we didn't want all the components in them to end up in a landfill.It's great to know that all that stuff can be used for parts or refurbished by the folks at upcycle and still be used by someone who needs them.Gabby was super helpful too!Highly recommend this place.
Nathan DickersonNathan Dickerson
23:11 12 Jan 23
Fantastic shop for finding inexpensive computers and peripherals. I have purchased a couple of computers along with various tidbits such as a kvms switch and speakers. Always excellent prices and very friendly. If you need a computer or two for a project this is the place to look!
Layla Al-AlousiLayla Al-Alousi
00:29 21 Dec 22
Absolutely AMAZED at the customer service I received today! From the messages, to the call to coming into the store, the entire process was wonderful! Gabby went above and beyond. She not only found us the right computer but helped install and set up things on it for my nephew that we would have never understand because we aren’t tech people. She took time, didn’t get frustrated but was eager to help and make things right even with it being one of the cheaper models in the store. I will go back and I highly recommend. Pretty much impossible thing to do and it was accomplished! Made our day and made his Christmas! Excellent service!
Nohemi StacyNohemi Stacy
03:25 10 Dec 22
I was looking for a laptop with In particular a MacBook with enough memory for my zoom meetings . I got what I want and very reasonable price. I got also help when I needed to set it up. They do an amazing job
C mooreC moore
02:07 24 Oct 22
i called them, explaining the problem..They gave me a price that was less than apple, did the work perfectly. I found everything to go perfectly. They will get any repair business i have in the future.
Caleb RobinsonCaleb Robinson
20:51 28 Sep 22
Was looking for a place to safely recycle an assortment of cables, cords, and technology from my house and came across Upcycle. Stopped by and got to meet the manager Gabby who was incredibly friendly and helpful. Will definitely be using Upcycle again to safely recycle any of my old technology in the future!
Desiree St.clairDesiree St.clair
21:22 19 Sep 22
We LOVE this place. If you have a computer child like I do this is a great place to get computers and any parts they may need. And for a good cause. Super friendly and helpful staff as well as amazing prices. 💛
Tamatha ParkerTamatha Parker
14:10 20 Aug 22
I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE this place! Gabby is amazing!. Very professional, knowledgeable and efficient. I came in told her what I was looking for, and they gave me what I needed. It's working amazingly. I will definitely be back. They take all old tech stuff of yours too so feel free to bring things in with you. They've got new and used machines, and hardware. Their repair services are awesome and everyone is friendly. Hit them em!!!