Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,  our locations are open to the public for drop-off anytime during business hours. Click to see hours/location.

No, however if you’d like to call ahead to ensure a representative will be available ; Call (918)716-9744

Everyone, we accept donations from individuals, businesses, organizations and organized e-waste drive events.

Yes, Upcycle Tech is organized and recognized as a 501c and seeks this exemption from the IRS, thus making your donations a tax-deductible contribution. *Contact your CPA for further advice.

We recycle almost everything with a plug and primarily for NO-CHARGE. The only item’s that have a cost associated with disposal include; CRT TVs, CRT Monitors, Broken or Non-Working LED/LCD plasmas. Due to mercury contained within the product, these items require special handling to ensure a SAFE DISPOSAL and thus our R2-Facility partners charge us for the recycling of these items. This fee ranges from $20-25 per item.

Yes, Items are processed by our team and deemed either Repurposable or scrapable. If repurposed it goes through our testing, repairing and rehabbing process and the item is then listed for resale through our various sales-channels to support our mission.

Great question, especially in these times we want to ensure our most sensitive-data is kept away from those who wish to do harm. Rest assured Upcycle Tech takes your privacy and security seriously. We offer both Physical Hard-Drive Destruction, alongside using a popular D-BAN NUKE program meant to completely target, erase, and destroy any data trace contained within a hard-drive. This ensures no-one has access to your data now, never and forever.

Yes, we offer qualified businesses free pickups to remove all ewaste from their site(s) on a one-time or ongoing basis. This includes: On-site service, Truck, Labor and equipment to effectively do the cleanout.

Apart of our mission is to repurpose as much technology possible to help minimize landfill waste, we do this by educating the public and organizations on responsible disposal of end-of life electronics. As well, upcycle provides affordable PC repair and resale services to help fund our mission and offers you an alternative to the big-box store experience.

Please view our What We Accept here.

Please review our No-No’s here.

We offer many convenient ways to shop our inventory. Come-by either of our NE-Oklahoma locations in Tulsa or Broken Arrow to shop in store. Or you can shop our resale website and have the item ready for pickup or shipped across the 48-states, The resale site is updated weekly with the latest inventory. Lastly, we also list items on eBay, Amazon and

No problem, contact our team and they are happy to assist with any concerns.

We do not pickup from residential customers for free, however we partnered with a local junk removal service that for a nominal fee will pickup and deliver your goods to our facility.