Got E Waste?

Got E Waste?

What is e waste?

Electronic waste that is an electronic product and or equipment that is near the end of the useful life. This can include phones, computers, televisions, printers, scanners, VCRs, and more! 


How do you recycle e waste?

Easy! Upcycle Tech accepts donations of almost all e waste. If you aren’t in the Tulsa area then just google “e waste in ____” and insert your city, you’ll find one or two nearby! Computer shops like us are able to reuse/repurpose old waste that has been donated into practically new. What I like about Upcycle is they are a non-profit and actually turn around and donate computer equipment to other non-profits and individuals in need of technology. 


How can I help prevent e waste?

Before you purchase an electronic device or equipment, consider a few things. First, the life expectancy of said item. Even if you will not be using the item the entire time, it does not become waste until it hits the landfill, and that’s what we try to avoid. Second, does it have a high value? If an item has a high value, it is less likely to end up in the trash if somebody else wants it also. Thirdly, make sure it has the Energy Star label if you are shopping for TVs, washers, heaters, etc. 


Why should I donate or recycle my electronics when I’m done?

Not only does e waste take up an insane amount of space compared to normal trash, like a cup. But, e waste can be harmful if disposed of improperly. Computers and old televisions can be found full of toxic chemicals like mercury and lead, both of which are dangerous to the human body. Finally, goods created by recyclables require less water, create less pollution, and use less energy. All good things!

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