Why Your Business Should Donate Old Technology

We generate more electronic waste today, more than ever in history. Also now more than ever, companies are being held accountable for their actions, all the way down the list to how they dispose of their trash. Especially e-waste and recyclables.  Updating computer equipment and software can be inevitable for your business to progress, but what happens to the old electronics that are no longer needed?


E-waste may only take up 2% of landfills, it accounts for roughly 70% of all toxic waste. Meaning most e-waste is toxic. When in the extraction process, the heavy metals break down the soil and expose toxic gasses into the environment; being extremely harmful to humans, animals, and the ecosystem. 


Businesses certainly greatly contribute to the amount of electronic waste, in the past many would simply take it to a landfill or have it illegally dumped. Now as we are fighting climate change, it is important to find new and sustainable ways to conduct e-waste disposal. 


Make Repairs 

Whether your business decides to donate the old/broken equipment to a local computer donation location or takes it to a local computer repair shop, this is a great way to help expand its lifespan. Generally, repairs can be greatly cheaper than completely replacing the item but we know how hard it can be to say no to that new shiny device. 


ReSell Your Equipment

There are many surplus websites where many businesses, schools, churches, etc. sell their old office items. I have even ran into a few instances where they sell on their own online to get max profit. This option also helps repay your business for the money spent on your new devices.


Only Buy What You Need

This is another great way for your business to save money. The first step to having a sustainable e-waste process is to begin creating less trash each day. If more businesses would minimize unnecessary electronic equipment purchases, we would see that amount decrease. Purchase as you go and make sure what you are buying will work well for your employees and are of high quality. This will ensure they will be long lasting and/or have high resale value when you decide to upgrade.

Upcycle Tech makes it easy for your business to do your part to decrease e-waste output. They give back life to donations that are acquired from customers and businesses. You can drop off any items you wish to donate at their location or schedule a pick up. Donating your unused equipment with them is a great way to give back to your community as they participate in charitable reuse to support their mission to empower people to stay connected, and improve lives via economic development of remote-work and or schooling.

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