Earth Day and E Waste Recycling

Earth Day,  most commonly known for the phrases like “Go Green” and “Save Our Earth”.  My question is how often do others actually practice “Earth Day” outside of Earth Day? It’s beyond easy to incorporate simple things into everyday life that do good instead of harm for the Earth we all live in.

Making every day Earth day is as simple as these 4 points I’ve put together. These aren’t meant to be new knowledge, these should be 4 things you should be able to easily incorporate into your life. By making these small adjustments and sharing with others, you could make a greater impact than you even realize.
  • Not littering may seem simple and like a nuance to even mention but unfortunately (as you can see when driving) littering is still a major problem. If you contribute to the flying trash epidemic.. maybe try waiting to a trash can, I promise they’re everywhere, or reuse the bags from the grocery store as trash bags for your car. Keep some handy, throw trash in there & easily (properly) dispose of the bag instead of throwing pieces out one by one.
  • Recycle! Another simple one that is generally overlooked. Not sure what is accepted in your recycling bin? Easily find out online by searching your city’s recycling policies.
  • Turning off lights and water is something probably drilled into your head as a child, but had more meaning than we understood. Not only does it save you some coin but you’re doing your part to cut back on the resources we have been using without thinking of consequences for years on end.
  • Buying organic and local food is beneficial in many ways; you’re supporting local, you know exactly what you’re buying + where it’s coming from and not contributing to the food industry emissions which decreases your carbon footprint.

Did you know E-Waste disposal contributes to climate change due to the chemicals released when it’s burned. Electronics contain materials like copper (Cu), aluminum (Al), and iron (Fe), and when burned these metals accumulate in the air. Properly disposing of your old electronics, aka E Waste, decrease the amount of E Waste in landfills and increase the amount of refurbished and properly broken down and recycled. 

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