UpcycleTech Tips – Drivers

“The newest update is here” 

“Important updates are pending”


We’re all guilty of hitting snooze or until later on our computer’s updates from time to time, but how long can you really put it off until it affects the functionality of your system?


Sometimes these updates are minimal and affect the system minimally. However, other times updates can change the way your computer functions entirely. 


So.. What even are drivers? Device drivers are files that tell a piece of hardware how to function properly by communicating with the computer’s operating system. Every piece of tech hardware requires a driver, everything from internal computer components to external peripherals like a printer or webcam. 


See, the importance of downloading drivers is that they update your device’s security, keep your computer in good operating condition, & allow programs to run efficiently and smoothly.


A general rule for most computer users, especially if your computer is store-bought and runs Windows 10 or newer, always allow your computer to drive the process and to prompt you when a driver update from your operating system is available. 


If you have a more advanced knowledge and are looking for specific updates, remember to only download drivers straight from your hardware manufacturer’s website. You never know what might be hidden in a third-party update.


If your computer is custom built, ensure that you download proper drivers from the manufacturer’s website belonging to each respective piece of hardware (example: don’t download a Western-Digital driver for HP your hard drive). 



Graphics drivers, as gamers know, can be downloaded from reliable third-parties as long as they are compatible with your hardware. Windows drivers don’t often affect graphics driver updates, but be sure to double check for your own setup just in case.


When in doubt, remember this: don’t try to fix what isn’t broken. Follow your computer’s lead!

Working with a system or OS that’s no longer supported with updates? We’re happy to help you upgrade to something that both fits your budget and your needs. Give us a call at 918.716.9744 , shop online ,  or visit one of our local UpcycleTech shops.

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