The FIVE Recycle R’s – UpcycleTech – Small Steps for a Greener Life

UpcycleTech Foundation is proud to be Oklahoma’s premier electronics recycler that takes pride in more than just the basics. We’re dedicated to enlightening our customers on the easy changes they can make to live a simpler, more green life. Do your part and help keep Green Country green by disposing of your E Waste and other recyclable items appropriately! 


Avoid creating waste where it isn’t necessary.

  • Use refillable bottles
  • Bring reusable bags to the grocery store
  • Avoid overbuying cell phones & other electronics


Reuse any product or item before giving away or recycling.

  • Save the quality clothes from your older children for your younger ones
  • Reuse the boxes you receive your online purchases for moving items, or even for your next Sam’s or Aldi trip!
  • Not trading in your old phone? Download a couple kids games and now you have a real device your kiddo can play with when connected to Wifi!


Fix the items you can before tossing them out.

  • Before you toss your computer, have a technician see if it’s an easy fix. Save you some money and the landfills!
  • Buy furniture and household appliances that will last (and/or repair easily!)
  • Purchase a knife sharpener and spruce up the ones you have!

Contact us for info about our Computer Repair!


Kitchen scraps and yard trimmings are almost too valuable to end up in a landfill!

  • Children tend to love to compost and learn a lot about science when encouraged to participate.
  • Save $ by reducing your trash container size by composting, on average 40% of a household trash bin is compostable or recyclable!
  • Like a good garden? Compost makes great soil!



The last option when disposing of items that aren’t going to end up in a landfill.

  • Recycle your cans and bottles in your recycling container or your local buyback center!
  • Donate your old and unused electronics to your local recycler. They will decide if it’s fixable, for parts, or if it’s ready, it will be sent to their reputable e-waste recycling parter to begin the electronic waste recycling process
  • Breakdown the boxes your purchased items come in, and recycle them in your recycling container instead of your trash can. 

Remember to donate your old and unused electronics with UpcycleTech Foundation! 

Which of these simple changes do you think you can implement or ponder on before you purchase something new that you already have? Do you already do any of these?

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